Aditi Malik Surprise to Mohit Malik

In the current promo of the occasion, Rohit Shetty, the host of the show, was seen teasing Mohit 

 Malik for bringing a lot of activity sessions. He partook in a videotape call of his woman Aditi

 Malik, where she said that she'll forgive him for taking so significant activity and flirting 

around with girls. Mohit came veritably happy to hear that. Aditi also added that she also has a

special gift for him. As she says that, A beautiful girl walks over and Rohit Shetty 

participated that she's also a physiotherapist. Mohit Malik is seen getting veritably happy and 

 and says that he loved the gift and says, Bhagwan Aisi woman sabko de. The girl

blindfolded Mohit and clamped both his hands, Also she sported boxing gloves and began

punching him in the stomach. As he cried out in pain, he apologized to Aditi and swore to noway take 

the activity besides. All the other rivals were seen having a great time laughing at his condition.