Ankita Lokhande Goa Vacation with Vicky

Lately, Indian Actress, Ankita Lokhande planned to Goa with her hubby Vicky

Jain and musketeers from the idiot box city to spend some quality time. she

got married to Vicky Jain last time, and the brace noway forgets to paint the

city red. They're presently holidaying in Goa with their close-knit assiduity musketeers.

 Ankita took to her Instagram hold and shared a slew of filmland from her

little stunt. The actress also participated in vids from her holiday. In one videotape,

the actress can be seen grooving with her swain, Vicky Jain, and musketeers,

Arjun Bijlani, Neha Swami, Claudia Ciesla, and Ashita Dhawan, and others. She

 looked amazing in a blue posterior tear dress, with her hair impeccably pleated.

 The other videotape showed Ankita Lokhande caught up in the beauty of

Goa as she walked by the reinforcement, radiating a radiant gleam.