Bharti Singh passes away

 Bharti Jaffrey, son of fabulous actor Ashok Kumar, passed away on Tuesday, September 20 after

having a lengthy illness. Filmmaker Nandita Das ascertained the news and said

 that Bharti was a warm person and everyone will forget her warmness and devotion. “ Bharti

 was a cheerful and warm person and everyone will miss this affection and warmness. Though

Anuradha( Patel) and Kanwaljit( Singh) are family musketeers, Bharti di endeared us to her with

 her thoughtful gestures. She noway forgot to wish me every birthday. Or pick up rembrance

from her passages. I'll miss her veritably much. And not bypassing she was an incredibly talented

According to ETimes, her as saying. Actor Kanwaljit Singh, too, took to social media to partake the

demise. Participating in a couple of prints, he penned an emotional note that read, Our cherished Bharat , 

Jaffrey, Son, Family, woman, Mother, Grandmama, Neighbor, and relief has departed us moment 20Sep