Bharti Son Meets Aditya Baby Tvisha

Comedian Bharti Singh, TV host Haarsh Limbachiya, and actor Aditya Narayan

are close friends. The singer-host is continually stained at family meetings and

on the couple's in-house television program, The Reality Show Khatra Khatra.

They convey the highs and lows of one another. Interestingly, they both

expressed parenthood at the exact time. For those who don't know about

them, Laksh and Tvisha are 38 days to one side in age. The two-star juniors,

though, hold an uncanny similarity. Tvisha is the daughter of Aditya and

Shweta, birthday is February 24, 2022. On the other side, Laksk is the son of

Bharti and Haarsh, birthday is  April 3, 2022.Recently, Both children Tvisha

and Laksh met, and Shweta wife of Aditya, Published a photo

on social media showing her carrying both of her children.