Black Clover Chapter 336

In the Recent week's Chapter Black Clover gave us a lot to process, from the Began of

 Paladins to Asta's Supposed death and Huge. Tabata Dropped a Bombshell of a Chapter on

Us and that's like the craziness of chapter 335 has come right on over to the latest chapter. 

the shadow of anyone on the mainland. Seeing as how he can not reach Asta, this can mean two

dimension, or relatively simple, the youthful wizard is dead. The perhaps death

 of a close friend and supporter hits all of those present heavily, with Yuno clinging his fists

shut tight and Yami on what might be his 30th cigarette, but alas the knights have a job to do 

and will have to leave the mourning till latterly. beholding as how he'd just restored from a 

charge where he was obeying and on the observatory for devil exertion, Yuno gives what 

looks to be a brief boom. The black clover chapter 336 will be released 4th of September on Sunday.