Bryan Danielson Switched to AEW

Old WWE star and a former five times WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan

who's presently working by his former name Bryan Danielson lately told how it sensed

to him living in the house of John Cena. Bryan Danielson had been one of the biggest names

in WWE and he exited a top babyface of the composition. After Bryan left

WWE is stumbling badly to make an actual babyface for either of their main

canon shows. For both shows, they had to bring back part-time wrestlers so

that they could feature as the babyface number one candidate for both world peaks.

Right now they're trying to make new faces, but it accomplishes feels like they

would be suitable to make someone like Bryan so fluently. Daniel made his AEW

debut at the recent AEW pay-per-view occasion which was All eschewal. It was

one star-speckled play. There were also debuts of retired WWE stars like Adam Cole

and Ruby Riott aka Ruby Soho. also, WWE stars changed to AEW throughout the time 2021.