Devdas film truth SRK, Aishwarya, Madhuri

Around 20 years ago 2002, Sanjay Leela's directed the "Devdas" film. That's considered a masterpiece.

Where Shahrukh Khan played Devdas's role, Aishwarya Rai played the role of "Parvati,"  and Madhuri Dixit played

the role of "Chandramukhi." Actor's Dressed, the Music everything was great. This film was considered

Expensive at that time, took around 50 crores to be prepared, and performed well at the box office

making 105 crores. Its shooting cost approximately 7 lakh per day.The film remains in the audience's minds,

and characters in Devdas are given royal looks that attract people. The film's budget was

so high at that time producer  was "Bharat Shah" was arrested by police. Apparent that the Underworld is funding for

that. Shah has jailed for one and half years, and after coming back. the shooting started again.