Elodie Yung returns in Cleaning Lady S02

Season Two of THE drawing LADY likes up with THONY( Élodie Yung) desperately

 pushing to find her son, LUCA( Sebastien & Valentino LaSalle), after he was seized by his

 father, MARCO( Ivan Shaw). With nowhere distinct to turn, she enlists the help of FBI Agent

 GARRETT MILLER( Oliver Hudson) to chase him down before they exit the country.

A happening interesting CHRIS( Sean Lew) forces FIONA( Martha Millan) to shield her son

by any means Critical, Setting the theme of how far a mama will go to protect her child. 

This season presents ROBERT KAMDAR( Naveen Andrews), NADIA's( Eva De Dominici)

and fascinating lover, who's determined on driving a wedge between ARMAN( Adan Canto) 

and Nadia. Standing to fail everything, Arman must fight to hold his world and

 his quality complete, While revamping his life under the worst of occurrences.