Falguni Pathak throws shade on Neha

Neha Kakkar lately released her rearmost single O Sajna, a recreation of Falguni Pathak’s

iconic Maine Payal Hai Chhankai from the 90s. While the song does feel to include set up some

suckers, stewing up 18 million lookouts on YouTube in four days, numerous are snakebit

remake as well. Several suckers criticized Neha for ‘ ruining ’ the original. Suddenly, Falguni,

the initial song’s songster reshared numerous of these posts on her social media, leading 

 to presume that she's hard-luck about the Song as well. Also, read I noway took Bollywood seriously

 Falguni Pathak The O Sajna song premiered on YouTube on 19th Sep. Sung by Neha, it shares 

the hook line and tune of the original with some fresh lyrics added by Jaani. The music

 videotape features Priyank Sharma and Dhanashree Verma, piecemeal from Neha herself.

maturity of the commentary on the YouTube videotape had suckers saying that no one 

can beat the old interpretation. On Instagram, several observers, putatively unhappy with the

recreation, indeed participated in vids on the platform, tagging both Neha and Falguni.