Hans Zimmer Oscars Awards

Hans Zimmer was born on 12 September 1957, A german film score songwriter and music

Hans has been kept working successfully in the Hollywood industry for several years.

He won two Music Oscars Awards for (1). The Lion King,  (2). Dune.The Lion King

Hans evolved famous for the music for the comic film “The Lion King” (1994), for which he

beat his first Oscar. Milestones were the comedy “It accomplishes get better” (1997),

but also the war epic “The Thin Red Line” (1998) and the massive drama “Gladiator”

 (2000).The DuneHans won his second Academy Award just a year after with the theme

for the sci-fi desert epic “Dune” Zimmer joined new musical habitat for this: “If this is a film

almost a planet in 10,000 years and it was a desert planet, I assumed I should develop tools

 and sounds that nothing has ever attended of,” Zimmer just told the “Hollywood

Correspondent”. What was Extremely critical to him: A uniform

 “feminine voice” to emphasize the female personalities in the story.