If I burn My Little bones...Ratan Rajput

The Indian famous TV actress "Ratan Rajput" is on a tour of Bihar Currently. during visiting the village

done farming, Now she posted her new vlog in which she has gone out to see her childhood friend and House.

The actress has gone to "Arrah" in Bihar where Ratan grew up. Ratan Rajput is willing to visit the House where

she spent her childhood. After a lot of hard work, she got a Government House. There is a big Pakad tree with which

she passed her childhood. she used to spend her time sitting under the tree for many hours. Regards Ratan, That tree is her 

Love, Guru, and friend. During that, Ratan Rajput also becomes emotional. she said this tree is very important to me.

If ever, we all six siblings will come under the tree. Then all will get emotional. So no one can understand our connection.