K-pop girl group BLACKPINK comeback

Now the wait is finally over, blinks did wait scene 2 years, before their idolson 9th July, YG entertainment

announced that the popular "BLACKPINK" K-pop girls group (South Korean Girl Band) would come

back and release new songs as a Second studio album in August. Album's title has not yet been publicized.

BLACKPINK group and YG Entertainmen The Group of South Korean girls (BlackPink) was created from gash

by the powerful south Korean recording Company "YG Entertainment" with the main

purpose of achieving success like Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa joined the group (2016). 

Trending after the announcement of Blackpink will be comeback then, the pop

group's fans went wild on Twitter, making trends #BLACKPINK and "The World is Healing"