Miss Universe Spain 2022 Alicia Faubel

Alicia Faubel, designating Comunidad Valenciana, was culminated Miss Universe Spain

 of 2022 on Saturday, On 10 Sep at the Los Olivos Beach Resort in Tenerife. Model Alicia conquered 

13 different beauts to win her Civil title, and now preparing to represent Spain at the 71st Miss 

Universe pageant. Completing the Top 6 finalists were first runner- up Laura Etayo Sarasa

( Navarra), alternate runner- up María Alexandra Cucu( Andalucia), third runner- up 

 Susana Lucía Medina Martín( Canarias), 4th runner-up Paula Ortega Madarieta( Cataluña),

and 5th runner- up Noemí Sartal Loira( Galicia). Last Time's winner, Sarah Loinaz 

 from Guipúzcoa delivered her control at the end of the event. Spain has won 

 Miss Universe formerly with Amparo Muñoz in 1974. She proffered up her peak

six months after defeating the pageant and evolved into a red-hot actress.