Netflix The School for Good and Evil

This is an upcoming fantasy film titled: "The School for Good Evil," that's directed by Paul Feig,

 based on best selling international fantasy novel series by Soman Chainani.  The fantasy

film shows the adventures of the two best friends Sophie, and Agatha, Who ends up in a

 fairytale school that trains heroes and villains to protect the balance b/w good and evil.

Villains are learned by Lady Lesso, another side the heroes are taught by Professor Dovey

And The School Master Laurence watches over them, The beauty of kidney fabrication boils

down to its plasticity, not just in eventuality. But in the capabilities within the 

prospect in the fantasy kidney purely, we have got the likes of high fantasy, dim fantasy,

 puck tales, and indeed magical literalism, riding on where one’s thinker can go with it all. 

The main lead characters are Sofia Wyle(Agatha), Sophia Anne Caruso(Sophie), Laurence

Fishburne(The School Master), Michelle Yeoh(Emma Anemone), and Charlize Theron(Lady Lesso).