New York Rocks to London Yussef Dayes

Yussef Dayes famous and talented drummer his definitive and characterful 

style was first heard by many as part of United Vibrations. he has begun with

his bros Ahmad and Kareem. Present at the Embryonic level of 2010s South London Jazz Scene.

At 7 PM show was planned, and people reached out very soon around 5:30

PM to get front row seats. This is the one after 7:30 PM that the Night Club's 

black Liveried security men unrestricted people to enter. Both drinks and

snacks were floating around the gathering to hold them entertained all

standing and waiting for an amazing performance who could become an icon

in the coming ten years. Yussef Dayes kept the gathering dancing to the band

even as his base guitarist. When Sax Player, Bongo Drums, and Keyboards

artist played non-stop for over near 2 hours except for a small break.