Patton Oswalt's film I Love My Dad

Patton Oswalt is an American Stand-Up Comedian, Author, Actor, and Screenwriter.

The actor played a supporting character in "The King of Queens" as Spence Olchin.

Patton made his first acting debut in "The Couch" in Seinfeld. After that, He

appeared in several series and films such as Parks and Recreation, Community,

Two and a Half Men, Drunk History, Veep, Archer, and Brooklyn Nini-Nine.

Recently In 2022, Patton Oswalt worked in the American Comedy film "I Love My Dad"

directed and written by James Morosini. film's the lead role actor Patto Oswalt,

Morosini, and Claudia Sulewski where Patton played the role of a chuck, Morosini

as a Franklin, and as a Claudia as a Becca. The film production took place in Syracuse,

New York. The story is based on, After franklin blocked his father on Social Media,

Chuck his son by copying a waitress named Becca online. Chuck then decides to drive Franklin to

Maine to satisfy Becca, understanding that it might be the last straw in their father-son connection.