Pokimane(Anys) Exposed Surprising Update

Imane Anys famous for her online pseudonym Pokimane is a Moroccan-Canadian

 Twitch steamer, and Youtuber. Pokimane Streamer has had her ups and downs over the year.

While, Her career has skyrocketed. Anys also faced controversy by online abuse,

and personal attacks that made her almost quit twitch in the year. After Coming back To

 the platform, fans went wild and also updated her followers with the news that "Anys will be

streaming less in the future. Plus To these revelations, and shared updated info regarding

her ongoing feud with fellow streamer Ninja.
After Pokimane nestled her

 charge, Ninja's wife Jessica Blevins personally endangered her with a lawsuit for smearing.

Polimane exposed that the irony of this Ninja drama is that she almost made up with

the leader of the hate raid but still has problems with Ninja.