Priyanka Chopra surprise to Nick Jonas

Universal star Priyanka Chopra gave her hubby a surprise. Priyanka Chopra 

celebrated her hubby Jonas's 30th birthday. In this order, she suddenly 

celebrated her hubby's birthday in a singular spurt. Nick Jonas participated in 

the videotape of the surprise party on social media. In this videotape, Priyanka 

Chopra greets her hubby by sitting on the spurt beforehand. Since this 

videotape has gone viral on social media, numerous are wishing her hubby a 

happy birthday. 
 And in 2018, she fell in love with American pop songster

Nick Jonas and got married. It's understood that both of them gave birth through

 surrogacy. Priyanka Chopra has also named her son Malti Mary Chopra Jonas.