Rashmika and Kartik Aryan in Aashiqui 3

Rashmika Mandanna is getting launch work in Bollywood. Huge importunity has been

 created for them. So far none of his Bollywood pictures have been released. Still, the claim

 for them is adding. Now Kartik Aryan has made his mark in Bollywood. They've proven

 what they are. Now both of them are united. He celebrated by participating in a new print

 So this isn't for a new movie, But the creation of a brand. Celebrities are involved in

creation along with amusement. Actress Rashmika Mandanna is also getting 

Numerous offers like this. Due to her fashionability, numerous brands are retaining Rashmika

as their crusade minister. This made Rashmika happy. Also, they're getting a lot of 

plutocrats Rashmika and Kartik Aryan have teamed up for the creation of Cream One. 

Celebrated by participating in these prints on social media. Suckers are 

opining on ts in colorful ways. Their suckers are like this couple. For this 

reason, Suckers are requesting them to act together in the movie Aashiqui 3'.