Steve Jobs Widow Laurence Reveals

Steve Jobs was an American Entrepreneur, Business magnate, and Industrial designer, Recently, 

His Widow named 'Laurene Powell jobs' has expressed that jobs were so obsessed with details that

that Took them eight years to determine a couch that he approved of. Powell, Now around

58, who was married to Steve jobs for 20 years before, Jobs died of Pancreatic Cancer while his

age was 56, Reflected on her husband at the annual code gathering on Wednesday,

Including his shady fastidious nature. While chatting with the Current CEO of Apple 'Tim Cook,'

' Apple Designer Jony ive, and Kara Swisher a Journalist, she revealed that jobs weren't only 

painstakingly specific about his work, but that It even moved into his individual

life. Jobs is seen in 2007, The public made fun of us for years cause in our

house we couldn't agree on a chair or sofa, she expressed by laughing.