Suriya 42 Disha Patani feature

Suriya has started working on his forthcoming film with Siruthai Siva which has been tentatively

 Named "Suriya 42." The film is set out as a literal action theater, and lately, the makers divulged 

 a stir bill that gave a skulk peep and covenanted a 3D movie that would be dubbed in ten other

languages. Being Siva's first new kidney switch, there's a lot of uncertainty for the film. A Famous

Indian actress Disha Patani is making her debut in Tamil through Suriya 42. In the recent 

statement, she boosted pull in the film by placing that it would have a noway - along noticed look.

She later recounted to the media that she's thrilled to be a part of Suriya 42. Disha Patani's

statement, that she'll appear in the Tamil movie with a brand new, noway ahead seen icon. Actress 

also reveals," I'm demurred to advertise my coming with Suriya sir and Siva sir. It feels great to be

a part of such a huge design that has got all the great-than-life rudiments

 for the followership to witness on the big cinema."