The Wheel of Time Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video's series "The Wheel of Time" is an American epic fantasy.

The lead character "Moiraine Damodred" continues work in prime videos in 

"The Wheel of Time" which seized a soon Season 3 renewal ahead. The series 

premiered last fall with a successful season 1, and season 2 continues to work. 

Rafe Judkins the Showrunner said: "I am So Ecstatic that we will be producing 

a third season of the wheel of time. The Wheel of Time is a transformation of a 

novel series by the exact name written by Robert Jordan that was issued from 1990 to 2013. 

It consists of 14 novels and 1 prolog novel, and Rafe Judkins was illustrating 

the 4th  book in the series, The Shadow Rising means that the series will 

continue to restructure the story in Season 2, wrapping the events of the first 

three books by Season 3 when events from The Shadow Rising will begin to take place.