Twilight Star Ashley Greene Pregnant

Ashley Greene is the star of Vampire Themed fantasy film "Twilight" series. 

Now is Embrace parenthood as actress and husband paul are expecting their 

first child. she says there is a lesson that I would follow from Bella Swan. "Only 

Thing I will get from Bella and her relationship with daughter Renesmee is 

kind of the fierce protectiveness and belief that she has to this child." during

pregnancy is strengthening bonds with herself other mom, friends and you to 

connect with people in a very different way. Ashley Greene has published her 

motherhood journey on Instagram. Recently, the actress posted a blurry nude

photo of herself during a shower that shows her pregnant situation. A little

 bit about the Twilight film series, It is a five-series Vampir Themed Fantasy film based 

on four novels published by Author Stephenie Meyer. The fantasy film series 

grossed over 3.4 Billion USD worldwide. The main cast of the series is Kristen

 Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and others.