Vennla Kishore Special day

Vennla Kishore started his career in the US as a software quality mastermind. Actor Vennella 

Information Systems at Ferris State University, Michigan up to a Masters's degree. The actor used 

 to make his musketeers and associates laugh a lot during his work while on the job. After which

his well-provision honored this gift and inspired him to work in the film assiduity. Came to a notable 

 in the comedy The actor first acted in the Dev Katta- directed film' Venela' and that's what he

 interested into his name. Vennela Kishore's real name is Bokkala Kishore. In his profession, Vennela

 has done excellent work in flicks like Current, 'Bindaas, Lovely, Yevadu, Gopal Gopal, Mr. Nukayya, 

Garage, Temper, and Srimathundu, Also has constantly gratified his followership. Actor Vennela 

is Numbered among the top jesters of South Indian cinema. He has done comedy in numerous hit 

 flicks in his career. At times he can also be seen in supporting characters like musketeers, sisters,

 Etc. of the lead actors. Vennela Kishore, who won, The hearts of people

 with his Amazing ridiculous timing, celebrates his birthday On the 19th of September.