Riddhima debut at London Fashion Week

This is the first time that, The influential Indian jewelry developer set to hike the runway

on a global forum. Riddhima will extend the show by modeling her own and Anthony's yields

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni states. I've ever been scornful of the performances. that I have

accomplished in India. But for this, I am slightly happy and timid as this is the first time.

I'll be stepping on a multinational step, which is also in London. At Fashion Week. 

 I've two aesthetics for my concert, but they're both wonders right, Currently, I've full 

belief in Anthony, so I can not remain to see how they ride off." The show is listed to be held at 

Parkcrow, London on September 19, 2022, and will feature exclusive jewelry from Riddhima

x Punjab Jewellers, along with Anthony's apparel. The two brands unite to bring to life the 

great design legacy of their distinct regions and allow a craft exchange on an encyclopedically famed platform.